What Are The Two Most Common Types Of Crossbows

A crossbow is one of the earliest man inventions dating as early as the 6 BC where it was the most powerful war weapon. Some of the ancient places where crossbows have found include the Qin Shihuang tomb. The invention of crossbow weaponized war all over the world. Today, the crossbar still remains an admired arsenal among hunters. The recently made crossbows have a bow that is fixed to the stock allowing the bow to stay loaded at all times. they also come with projectiles that are shorter than the traditional arrows called bolts or quarrels but they can also be modified to work special bullets and rocks.

In order to ensure consistent weight, the modern quarrels and bolts are stamped in order to provide you with an action that is accurate and highly predictable. To fire the weapon, you should pull back the lever to the point where the bow gets fixed and then release the lever to fire the projectile. The modern models have a longer range than the traditional units and it is also more accurate. Today, the crossbows are commonly used for target shooting, hunting, and other shooting competitions.

What are the two most common types of crossbows?

Crossbows can be categorized into either a compound or a recurve crossbow with each type carrying its own pros and cons.

Compound: You can tell a compound crossbow from a recurve crossbow by looking at the way the string is attached. The compound crossbows use pulleys or cams to draw the string up allowing for a let-off. The let-off is the reduced draw weight that occurs when the cams take over the process. The let-off helps to maximize the stored energy. Furthermore, the compound crossbows require a shorter limb than the recurve crossbows, which makes them ideal for hunting through tight spots. However, since the mechanism is at the front, the compound units may feel heavy at the front causing slowness when bringing it up to aim.

Recurve: The recurve crossbows are lighter than compound crossbows and thus, easier to carry together with other luggage especially if you are walking a long distance. They are also quieter when fired allowing more discreet hunting. They also require minimum maintenance as you are only required to keep the rail lubed, trigger clean and periodically change the string. Furthermore, with the recurve crossbows it is not mandatory to have a bow press, which means that you can change your string in the middle of your hunting and continue hunting. The recurve crossbows are also cheaper. However, the recurve crossbows are harder to cock. They are also longer, which may be a challenge when hunting in tight areas.


When finding the right crossbow for your hunting, you must also address what are the two most common types of crossbows models. Whether you are looking for a compound or a recurve crossbow, you will have to make a choice whether you want a one-handed model or a two-handed model. The one-handed crossbow models are lighter and more compact, which makes them best suited for specialized purposes like small game hunting and target shooting. The two-handed models offer power and accuracy.

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