How To Setup A Compound Bow

The process of tuning and setting up a compound bow is just as important as the shooting technique. In fact, most the rigging can be done in your garage or backyard. If you get stuck while at it, it’s never too late to call your local bow pro for advice and recommendations. So if you are just starting out or upgrading into a new bow, this piece will guide you on how to setup a compound bow.

Checking your draw length

Each bow is different, so whether you are starting with a fresh bow or just changing the strings remember to check the specifications. Use your arms to measure the span of your bow. Once you have measured the wingspan, divide that number by 2 to get the draw length.

Bow specifications

Before you attach any strings, confirm that the bow specs match the factory specified measurements. You need to check the axle to axle measurements as well as the brace height. If any of these measurements seem off the mark, you can take to the bow shop for alignment or adjust the twists yourself.

Attaching the nock point

Here you have two options; you can either opt for a brass nock set up or a string loop. Whichever system you opt for, you will have to find the section on the string that is parallel to cushion plunger hole. The next step is to attach the string’s loop or nock set about an eighth to a quarter of an inch above the section parallel to the cushion plunger.

Timing the rest

Another key decision to make is whether to use a fixed position rest or a drop away rest. Drop away rests are ideal if you’re planning to use carbon shafts. Whichever method you use, you need to adjust the rest so that the arrow crosses directly over the center of the plunger hole. To ensure that the rest is in line with the string, you can install a stabilizer and a look down on the bow. Tweak the rest until it is parallel to the shaft. Finally, don’t forget to time the rise and fall of the rest.

Installing the peep sight

A peep sight vastly improves your shooting accuracy. however, you will need a bow rest for the peep sight installation. A bow press can be purchased from any archery shop. To properly install a peep sight you need to find the center of the string or else it will spin too much when the bow is drawn back. Once the peep sight is in place, the next step is to install string silencers or eliminator buttons if you are using brass nock.

Paper tuning

The best way to test whether your bow is properly tuned is by shooting an arrow through a paper cardboard. If the arrow leaves shaft-sized holes that are the same width as the fletching then your bow is properly tuned. If the hole left is wider then you need to make some adjustments.

So there you have it, now you know how to setup a compound bow!

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