How To Set Up A Recurve Bow Sight

When it comes to archery, your posture and stand will mostly determine how good your aim is. Your anchor point, for starters, needs to be consistent before you can improve your aim. But what if there was a device you could use to improve your aim?

The recurve bow sight is just the thing you need. Bow sights are devices mounted on your bow to help improve aim by showing you how far to the left or right, high or low you need to adjust your aim for a more accurate shot.

Whether aiming at moving or static targets, bow sights make a huge difference and will both improve accuracy and enhance experience.

How to Set up a Recurve Bow Sight

Not every archer welcomes the idea of using bow sights when shooting arrows. After all, the best part about shooting a recurve bow is the feeling you get when doing something natural, traditional and even hard core. However, there comes a time when you do need help with your aim and that’s what makes recurve bow sights so popular.

If you are thinking about using bow sights then you’ll need to learn a thing or two on how to set up a recurve bow sight before investing your money and time on them.

There are three main types of recurve bow sights; pin sights, ring sights and pin/ring sights. While all three sights attach the same way to the recurve bow, each one requires a different technique to adjust.

The pin sight is ideal for aiming at static targets. It can either be single or multi pin depending on what you prefer. Multi pins can be used to improve aim at short or long distance shooting.

The open ring bow sight is ideal for short range shooting and can be used for both moving and static targets. With the ring bow sight, your target is seen through the ring which means it won’t be as accurate at long distance shooting.

The pin/ring bow sight is a combination of the two types mentioned above.

When it comes to setting up bow sights, the level of difficulty you experience will mostly depend on the type of sight you are installing, as well as your skills with the tools required for the job. You’ll mostly require a screw driver, a string level and Allen wrench.

The installation of the bow sight can be done by a professional to avoid problems.

What and Where to Buy Recurve Bow Sights

It is paramount that you learn more about the available options before investing your money on any bow sights. Consider the price and model of the sight by reading reviews online. There is a wide variety of bow sights available on the market and you’d be wise to learn more before making a purchase.

The internet is a great place to buy products such as these. You’ll have plenty of websites to skim through in order to find a recurve bow sight that is ideal for you.

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