How To Find Draw Length For Recurve Bow

Imagine how it would be if you were to order for a pair of shoes without knowing the size. Well this is how it would be if you were to buy a recurve bow without knowing the draw length right for you. If you thought what the big deal with about bow lengths is, then think again. A bow that is even slightly short or long for your size could mean that you will not be accurate.

Let us also make one more thing clear here. We are discussing about recurve bows meant for target archery. The techniques for finding the draw length for a bow that is meant for hunting would be totally different.

Technique #1

So, let’s see how to find draw length for recurve bow. The first thing that you need to do is to stand against a wall, spreading your arms to your shoulder heights. Be relaxed, for otherwise your arms would get stiff, which should not be the case. They should be extended naturally. Ask someone to measure the distance from the tip of one of the middle fingers to the tip of the other middle finger in inches. Now, take that result and divide it by 2.5. It is as simple as that.

As mentioned earlier, your accuracy is bound to suffer, if the draw length were to be either too short or long. The peak performance of a recurve bow directly depends on the right draw length. The ‘sweet spot’ that competition archers are always talking about, depends on the right draw length. If the draw length were to be short, the sweet spot will not be at the right place and therefore the accuracy will suffer.

Similarly, in case it is too long, your accuracy will be affected.

Archers who are just about starting out often tend to struggle with how to find the draw length for recurve bow. This is because beginners lack good technique. There are a few things that they need to take into consideration. If they feel that the draw length is shorter than what it should be, it could be because of several factors.

Technique #2

There is also another simple method to measure the draw length. Place the nock of an arrow on your chest. Then extend your arms and hold the arrow with both your palms. Measure the distance from your chest to the tip of your middle fingers. You can add another couple of inches for safety. This would be your ideal draw length.

Remember, body position also has a direct impact on the draw length. The correct body form ensures proper alignment. Make sure that you use your back muscles, rather than only your arms, for it again means inaccuracy. One good way to see whether your body is in alignment with the bow is to ask someone to check your alignment from a position above. It is also important that you keep your wrists relaxed. A stiff wrist again leads to inaccuracy.

Follow the above techniques and you will know how to find draw length for recurve bow.

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