Best Takedown Recurve Bow 2018 (Good For Beginners & Up!)

Whether you interests involve going hunting during bow season or you are interested in getting into archery, you will want to use the best recurve bow available on the market. The takedown recurve bow is among the most commonly used options for traditional bowhunters and recreational archers alike.

When looking for a recurve bow, be mindful of the manufacture you settle on. Many companies have recurve bows as a part of their product lineup; however, this is not an automatic indication that the quality will be good. Highlighted below are our guide to the top 5 picks of the best takedown recurve bow:

Our Takedown Recurve Bow Recommendations

Samick Sage

Learn More About The Samick Sage Takedown

This entry-level recurve bow is targeted at beginners who prefer not to spend a fortune while learning to shoot the bow and arrow. The Samick Sage is all that would be expected from an inexpensive bow and even more. In addition, since it is a takedown bow, this provides the beginner with even more value. For example, you will be able to upgrade the limps as you become more and more experienced and as you get increasingly stronger. A wide variety of draw weights are available to choose from and individuals who are left or right handed can successfully use this bow. This is because it can be fully adjusted to satisfy your individual needs. Target practice is the best method of using this recurve bow; however, it can also be used for hunting. More experienced hunters would most likely prefer a bow that is a little quieter.

Even though this takedown bow has long limbs, this is not a problem as you can use your fingers to quickly and easily unscrew the screws. As it relates to the limbs, reinforced Phenolic plastic is used at the tip. This will enable the bow to utilize FastFlight strings whenever you are ready to advance to a new string.

Martin Archery Jaguar Elite

Learn More About The Martin Archery Jaguar

An already remarkable design, the Jaguar has been taken by Martin Archery and has been upgraded to look even sleeker and its mass weight lighter. The Martin Archery Jaguar Elite weighs 0.2 pounds less than its predecessor; which makes it much easier to hold. Similar to its predecessor, the beautiful Jaguar Elite bow is remarkable for archers at any level of experience, ranging from novice to expert. Since this is a takedown bow, the limbs can easily be changed, as you get better, to enable the bow to grow with your skill level. The Martin Archery Jaguar Elite package includes a bow stringer, riser and limbs, brass inserts for the installation of a sight, stabilizer, string and/or Berger button.

Assembling the Jaguar Elite is simple, straightforward and requires only an Allen wrench to attach the riser and limbs. If you want to use a sight, stabilizer or a Berger button, this is the ideal time for those accessories to be installed. This recurve bow is predrilled for them but you may have to buy the brass inserts separately. Precision with the Jaguar Elite is absolutely remarkable and it performs similarly to recurves that are a lot more costly.

PSE Razorback

Learn More About The PSE Razorback™ Recurve Bow

This attractive wooden bow is tremendously lightweight and affordable, which makes it an ideal option for beginners and younger users. Its design makes it easy to use and understand. Assembly is also incredibly easy as an Allen wrench is not required for process. This is an incredibly useful feature for hunters and recreational target shooters alike. It is also one less thing to have to remember packing up after you take down your bow. Additionally, it weighs just 2.2 pounds, making it very light and portable.

A youth model is available as well and this is also ideal for students of archery schools. This recurve bow will work equally as well for an experienced field, 3D or recreational target shooter, who needs only as much as a 35-pound draw. The amount of poundage and camouflage it delivers will not be adequate for serious hunters but is sufficient for the beginner. Additionally, the basic package of the bow is missing a couple of necessary accessories such as the arrow rest and stringer.

When it comes to shooting, if it is set up correctly, there will be very little vibration to the hand from the bow. In addition, using string silencers can cause the sound of the string to be very quiet.

SAS Spirit 62″

Learn More About The SAS Spirit 62″

This is and inexpensive recurve bow that still delivers high quality for the lower price. The riser is made of beech, chuglam and gmelina arborea, which are three extremely durable varieties of wood. Additionally, the bow is backed by a 3-year warranty, which will provide you with peace of mind just in case anything goes awry. The lighter weight in which these are available makes it a great option for younger users or individuals who are just starting out.

The Draw Weight options are 22 pounds, 26 pounds, 30 pounds and 34 pound. It is 62 inches long and recommended for shooters who are 5 feet 7 inches and shorter.

Best takedown recurve bow Features

• It is backed by a 3-year SAS warranty
• Three different varieties of durable wood are used to make the riser
• The yellow color of the bow makes it quite pleasing to the eye
• Lighter draw weights are perfect for individuals who are just starting out

The reviews of this recurve bow have lots of positive things to say. The accuracy and quietness of this well-constructed and attractive bow also seem to be a hit the users of the SAS Spirit 62-inch Take Down Recurve Bow.

Toparchery Archery 56-inch Takedown Hunting 50-pound Recurve Bow

Learn More About The Toparchery Archery 56″

The Toparchery Archery 56-inch Takedown Hunting 50-pound Recurve Bow shoots extremely consistently. It is tremendously quiet without adding anything extra on bow. The limbs are straight and there is no twist in them. It is a 56-inch bow and it stacks quite hard past 28 inches. There is a 30-inch draw, as such, with a 50-pound limb set you will probably be holding 60 pounds. Lowering a bit could take some twists out of the string but with increased usage you will be able to master this recurve bow. Pulling a 70-pound compound is nothing in comparison to pulling a 50-pound recurve.

The speed of the bow is outstanding and with a good draw, it will shoot very hard. This can prove to be quite a workout for some users; however, the grip is quite decent. Overall, for the cost of this bow, it is a supreme value for a hunting best takedown recurve bow.

How to Choose the Right Takedown Recurve Bow

Deciding on a recurve bow can be a bit confusing. However, if you need a bow for target practice, any beginner recurve bow will do. Target practicing does not require a very powerful bow. In this case, your arrow will only need to penetrate the cardboard or foam of your target. If hunting is your primary goal, then pretty much any recurve bow will work, providing you pick one with a draw weight of at least 40 pounds.

When it comes to recurve bows, the draw weight is the term used in reference to the level of force that must be applied to the bow string in order for it to be pulled over a distance of 28 inches. In essence, the higher the draw weight that is placed on the bow, the farther and more forcefully the arrow will travel and the more powerful it will be.

Longer bows are more precise; however, lugging them around or trying to fit them in a blind is more challenging. Therefore, if your main objective is hunting, considering the length is important. Avoid anything longer than 62 inches; even a 60-inch could be problematic.

Conclusion On These Takedown Recurve Bows

If you are a beginner looking to buy your first and best takedown recurve bow, it is important for you to do a bit of research. Find out information such as how to properly use the bow and how to use a stringer to correctly string the bow. When you are very confident in your understanding of the research material and you are aware of the safety required to successfully use one of these bows, you will be ready to acquire the best takedown recurve bow. Among other things, the best bow will be ideal and check all the boxes for both your budget and your level of skill.

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